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Spectrum Infrared (InfraredHeat.ca) was borne from a simple conversation on a dock at Lake of the Woods, Ontario.  After talking about this new technology and being extremely skeptical of it (probably just like YOU!), we took it upon ourselves to prove (or disprove) the claims of “energy efficient”, “feels like being in sunshine”, “healthy” etc. etc.  We were quite honestly expecting to dismiss all these claims as falsehoods, exaggerations, or even just outright lies!  Wow…were we ever wrong! After researching for more hours than likely makes sense, we knew we had to start educating everyone we knew about this fascinating technology that has long been recognized in the UK and Europe, but is only just starting to gain the recognition it deserves here in North America. At this point was when the “real” work began!

Fine…we knew we wanted to educate people about the technology, energy savings, health benefits etc. etc. but since we couldn’t do the “I loved it so much, I bought the company” like Victor Kiam did with Remington shavers way back when, we just started our own company, instead. The next HUGE task was deciding which infrared heating products we’d carry. During all the research (and there was LOTS), it became painfully obvious that not all infrared products are created equally. We discovered pretty quickly in the process that the cheaply-made Asian products were not going to be something we’d be interested in (ever), and we only wanted to source the absolute best products available on the market, and we’ve done just that for you.

Far infrared heating isn’t for everybody. The upfront costs might be cost prohibitive for some, certainly compared with baseboard heaters. BUT, over time there IS a return on investment with far infrared heating. There absolutely isn’t with baseboards! They will only cost you more and more money over time until you quickly surpass those upfront cost savings you thought you were getting by not getting infrared panels. Over time (and it isn’t long), the infrared heating panels not only pay for themselves in hydro cost savings, but will keep money in your pocket after they’ve paid for themselves.

Look, they make you feel better, they don’t pollute, they’re silent, maintenance-free, provide a lovely invisible warmth and comfort (they don’t glow), they save money, they’re attractive (only a 1/2″ thick) and take up no space in a room and the benefit list goes on from there.

Oops….this was supposed to be the “About Us” page! It’s (hopefully) obvious that we’re more than just passionate about this “stuff”. We’re also focused, and intense about it, too. We want the very best experience for our clients, and to that end we’ll always be honest with you (sometimes to a fault), and we’ll only recommend what we truly believe you need. We’ll even tell you if far infrared panels are not suitable for you. It’s rare, but does happen. You won’t be hounded to make a purchase, you won’t be pressured at all. We’re more interested in your education than in selling you panels. If we’ve done our job properly with your “education”, we won’t need to “sell” you anything at all…because we know the technology truly sells itself.

This website is larger than most other infrared-based sites (Ya don’t say!). Our thoughts on that are simple, far infrared radiant heating technology is still an unknown to LOTS of folks and it’s actually a little baffling just how unknown it still seems to be. Anyway, we’d rather provide our visitors with too much information, than not enough. It’s really that simple. We’ve tried to provide a useful resource for everyone that arrives on the website whether knowing very little, nothing at all or perhaps even already knowing lots about the technology. Given enough time, and some patience (and several cups of your favourite beverage!) you’ll end up knowing enough to make an educated decision about whether this IS the best available form of heating or not…and we certainly believe it is.

We’ve sold literally hundreds of panels since being in business, and we’re growing every year. We know this stuff quite well (if we say so ourselves), but of course we don’t and can’t know everything. If we don’t know something you need or want to know… our manufacturers will certainly help with that. We’ll ask. We’re not too proud to say “I don’t know” but we will absolutely tell you “we’ll find out for you.”

There is just nothing like the heat produced by far infrared. It TRULY does feel like being in the sunshine, but without any harmful effects. They provide a “comfortable warmth” in your space, and if we use more panels than would normally be required in a home or office…the hot yoga experience is not only possible, but is a MUCH better experience than ANY other heat source for hot yoga.

“Energy efficient”, “Zero Emissions”,  “Clean Energy”, “Eco-Friendly” – We’ve all heard the buzzwords, but how much are we actually doing towards “living it”, rather than just reading about it?  With a little education we hope to provide, you’ll explore the most sensible manner of heating your home, cottage, office, gym, yoga studio or commercial space… virtually anywhere indoors that requires heat!

We could easily offer ANY infrared radiant heating products as we’re constantly being approached to sell other brands (We should actually call it being POUNDED by other brands and sellers, than “approached”!), but we don’t, we will only offer the very best in infrared radiant heating technology that we can find – our own SI Series of Glass Far Infrared Panels and SI Series Aluminum Far Infrared PanelsSolaRay Far Infrared Heating Panels from Ducoterra, and Outdoor Infrared Patio Heaters from Infratech USA. Ducoterra offers an industry leading LIFETIME Warranty – No other infrared heating panel products come even close to that!

InfraredHeat.ca is extremely proud to be Canada’s Premier SolaRay by Ducoterra Distributor,  and we’re an Authorized Infratech USA Dealer.  We don’t sell a whole bunch of different manufacturers’ products, we sell only the very few best!

Our head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

InfraredHeat is Proudly Canadian!
We’re privately owned, and we’re proudly 100% Canadian!

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Our mission is to provide superior heating solutions with outstanding customer service in a manner that is honest, friendly and sincere.

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