Far Infrared Heating FAQ

Q. What is far infrared, and how is it related to heating?
Q. How does far infrared heat actually work?
Q. Can you explain why there is an effective range of just 10′ with far infrared panels?
Q. Are 240 volt far infrared panels better than using 120 volt far infrared panels?
Q. Who does the infrared panel installations?
Q. How much do infrared panels weigh?
Q. Can you walk me through the process of determining how many and which panels I need?
Q. I have an existing heating system, how do I know how many panels I need for supplemental heat?
Q. What does it actually cost to run infrared heating panels?
Q. What is the difference between Ducoterra’s SolaRay aluminum panels and Spectrum Infrared’s SI Series aluminum panels?
Q. Where can I purchase Ducoterra’s Solaray Infrared Panels?
Q. Why are your panels priced higher than some others’?
Q. Can I lease your infrared heating panels?
Q. How do I order panels?
Q. Do infrared panels need any maintenance?
Q. Can far infrared heating panels work with a home automation system?
Q. Are the far infrared panels available in any other solid colours?
Q. Where can (should) far infrared heating panels be used?
Q. Is there a difference in energy consumption between ceiling and wall placement?
Q. I have a cottage and I have an existing heating system. Can I configure the panels as a hybrid system using my old propane heater and the Ducoterra panels? I want to save on energy but don’t have much money to spend on a full installation.
Q. Can I decorate the Panels myself?
Q. Why choose an electric heater, rather than a gas heater?
Q. Are quartz elements better than “short wave” halogen elements?
Q. How long can I expect an Infratech quartz element to last?
Q. Does an electric heater cost more than a gas unit to operate?
Q. What are your safety certificates?
Q. Do you test every panel that leaves the production facility extensively?
Q. Have you encountered any technical difficulties so far? What sort of technical trouble can I expect?
Q. What is the ideal air humidity?
Q. When the sun shines I can feel its “infrared-light” shining right through windows? What about the reverse, energy losses when we use Ducoterra?
Q. If I place my Panel on the ceiling will it mainly heat my head?
Q. Can I get burned by briefly touching a heated panel?
Q. The cold period for my area only represents a very short period of time. Can I leave it out when calculating my climate factor?
Q. How do I clean my panel?
Q. I tried heating my outdoor patio, but it did not work anywhere near what l expected; what am I doing wrong?
Q. I did a room addition and ducted my existing heating system into this room but I could not get it warm enough. I decided to add one small IR panel since I figured I only needed 1/3 of the heat to correct my problem. Why doesn’t this work? It works at my friend’s house.
Q. I have a brand new building with a properly insulated floor but I cannot get the building to warm up; the building actually feels cooler, not warmer.
Q. I have a large warehouse and the floor is insulated, but I cannot heat my shipping manager’s office; why is this?
Q. If I ignore the floor…