Far Infrared Operating Costs

Wondering what far infrared operating costs are? A 750 watt far infrared panel will heat about the same area as a 1500-1600 watt traditional convection space heater. That’s an initial savings of about 50% comparatively, and doesn’t include the ongoing efficiency savings.

Ducoterra far infrared heating panels have a life expectancy of literally decades (40+ years).  A person would undoubtedly replace MANY convection space heaters over that time frame, as well as a couple gas furnaces!

Infrared Operating Costs Calculator:

Power rates obviously vary from location to location and often are based on a “sliding rate” scale. Power companies may charge “x” cents per kWh for the first block used, and “y” cents per kWh thereafter, or perhaps time of day billing.

A couple things to note. Panels are not powered on ALL the time.  Also, different rooms require varying amounts of heating and temperature requirements from each other.  For example, you’d typically only require a bathroom to be heated to 22C or so in the early morning hours, and perhaps later at night.  A bedroom wouldn’t need to be kept at the same temperature during the day as perhaps a living room might.  With far infrared heating panels, that is not an issue.  Each room would have its own thermostat, so you can control each room or area individually.  We call this “zone” heating.

The takeaway here is that you don’t have to heat the spaces where the heat isn’t required, as opposed to a gas furnace system that heats all the air in the whole house.  Even using a “high efficiency” furnace is wasting energy and wasting money, because “high efficiency” is very much a misnomer, compared to far infrared heating.  With a furnace system, there is heat loss through duct work, heat loss from hot air rising to the ceiling where you don’t require it, and the list goes on.  There’s absolutely nothing “efficient” about heating the air in the whole house… just so that a couple rooms are warm!

Our calculator below should give you a rough idea of what you can expect, and the means to figure out your own consumption and costs for ALL your electrical devices, not just the far infrared operating costs.

Simply add the wattage of your devices together, determine how many hours the combined devices will be actually be powered on, input your price per kWh (have a look on your utility bill!), and the calculator does the rest for you.

Please note – On average far infrared heating panels are “on” (actually using power) an average of 6 to 8 hours per 24 hour period. Use that as your starting point in the calculator below. Run times may vary, of course.

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Guideline For Estimating Watts per ft² with an 8′ Ceiling:

Room Type     Poor Insulation       Good Insulation
Suggested Temp °C Suggested Watts per ft² Suggested Watts per ft²
Living Room 22°C 9 Watts 6 – 7 Watts
Bedroom 18 °C 9 Watts 6 -7 Watts
Kitchen 20°C 9 Watts 7 Watts
Den 22°C 9 Watts 7 Watts
Bathroom 24°C 10 Watts 8 Watts
Office / Work Space Poor Insulation Good Insulation
Office 22°C 9 Watts 8 Watts
Front Desk 22°C 9 Watts 8 Watts
Shop or Garage 18°C 12-14 Watts 10 – 12 Watts