We are SUPER excited to announce that coming soon (HERE NOW!), we’ll be offering GLASS far infrared panels that can can be ordered with finishes in solid colours, mirrored, or even printed with high quality images that will never chip, fade or peel!  Images are BEHIND the glass and not on top of it.  This provides a breathtaking reproduction of all images with quality that is unsurpassed.

Over the last few years many folks have been asking about if / when we might carry these kinds of panels, and the answer was always something akin to: “We haven’t found a company NOT based in Asia that manufactures these, and until we do we will not offer them to our customers.”  Well throw that right out the window…because we’ve found an established manufacturer in France (20+ years) that is opening a manufacturing facility in the USA soon!

These will be marketed under our own brand name (SI Series) so you can be confident in the quality and service you have already grown accustomed to with InfraredHeat.ca.

These are PERFECT for bathrooms (they come with optional towel holders) and kitchens!  The panels are currently made in France (soon to be made in the USA as well!) using the very same thin film heating element technology you may have already heard of, but is not associated with the brand name (US based company) you may have already heard of.  (We’re not going to “plug” them online, but we’re happy to tell you if you ask.)

With stylish, ultra slim design and high efficiency, our glass far infrared heaters provide all the benefits of radiant heating in a pleasing and convenient wall mounted solution.  Designed with two pieces of wonderful coloured tempered glass as a statement of design, they are equally suitable for the home or office.

With chromed and polished drying rails (towel bars) that you can affix anywhere up or down the panel, our glass far infrared heaters become towel dryers for a stylish bathroom solution (choose as many drying rails as you require).
At the heart of each glass far infrared heater is the special thin film heating element. The whole surface is heated to an even temperature and emits therapeutic far infrared radiant heat.

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Stay tuned for more information about when these will be available AND all the options and images available too!