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ILO Technology Profile

We’re extremely proud to offer our own SI Series brand of far infrared products (Glass Far Infrared Panels and Aluminum Far Infrared panels) manufactured for us by ILO Technology headquartered in Crémieu, France. ILO Technology has also recently begun manufacturing in their new facility located in Chicago, Illinois.

ILO Technology was launched in 1996 by Christophe Bietrix. Monsieur Bietrix is the founder and still remains the current CEO. He’s an electrical engineer by trade, but also an innovative businessman. ILO Technology is a proven global leader in providing far infrared heating solutions and have been offering their innovative solutions for 24 years.

ILO’s core business is designing, producing and distributing their own flexible “thin film heating element” products. Their largest vertical markets are: Railway, Naval, Automotive, and Medical.

ILO’s core strength is having very strong engineering capabilities that gives them the ability to solve problems and provide heating solutions that many others have not or perhaps cannot. This means that ILO provides a large variety of different solutions to warm virtually any space.

ILO is the original designer and manufacturer of the far infrared “thin film heating element” that has been at least partially copied by some other “unscrupulous” manufacturers.  Don’t settle for panels advertised as “similar to the thin film heating element in trains, automobiles, airplanes” etc… or some other marketing gimmick indicating it really isn’t the real thing!  We offer the original French “thin film heating element” in our SI Series panels, because we stake our own reputation on what we sell, in keeping with our mission to provide superior heating solutions to everyone. 

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ILO is still a relatively small company with about 50 staff. This makes them ready, willing and able to do everything from the smaller jobs to very large scale projects, and the “flexibility” (pun intended!) to do both.

ILO’s customer base is truly global in reach. Some examples of existing North American customers’ include Amtrak, with testing currently ongoing with Chicago’s Metra Rail Line and the New York City Transit Authority.

Here at home in Canada, ILO Technology was recently awarded a contract for Toronto’s Tram project and they have Ottawa and Quebec City in their sights next!

Spectrum Infrared brings ILO’s expertise in far infrared manufacturing to North America with our SI Series of glass and aluminum far infrared panels featuring ILO’s thin film heating element.