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The single panel in my 15′ x 15′ living space heats my room so well I have it turned very low at night. The 4000 watts of panels in the bicycle shop work splendidly. I still will turn on the wood stove in the mornings to give the room that cozy-west coast ambience we all love, but when I’m too lazy to bring in firewood ….. nothing bad happens. The room warms up like magic. I’m going to assess the wiring possibilities in my four bedroom student residence next so I can install the far-infrared panels in that building by the fall…
Quadra Bike School - Quadra Island, British Columbia (May, 2020)
I contacted Darryl after visiting the website. Our project was a laneway-garage conversion.  These units produce heat that feels amazing- both radiant and far infrared. It really feels like when the sun beats on your face. At first I was unsure if I could get through the super cold days, and also I was unsure if I could achieve full hot-yoga temps in there (+35 Celsius), but I now know I can do both. Because infrared is a type of light, these units warm the floor very effectively, and I have consistent temps of 20 Celsius at the floor with the therm set at 22C / 23C. With a couple people in the room, a space that has a 12 foot cathedral ceiling and is about 20’x 12′ gets really warm in like 20 minutes. Longer if no one or nothing is in the space.

Installation was far less complex than a mini split or other systems, so the little extra I paid for this high quality product made up on the lower installation-cost. I still needed to upgrade the circuit to 20 Amp (which is not fun), upon purchase of 3rd and fourth unit. After that it was simply connecting then mounting them with toggle-bolts. They are high efficiency, and they barely work to keep the space at 20 Celsius around the clock.

The service was excellent. Darryl put a lot of effort in to inform me, as this was a heating matter way beyond my experience level. Billing, ordering etc easy and felt trustworthy. We also liked to be able to work with someone in Canada.
Robert Chuckman Psychotherapy - Toronto, Ontario (February, 2020)
Very happy with the Ducoterra FAR Infrared panels and Darryl’s great customer service. The infrared heat panels are amazing! The practitioners at Solis Movement mention the difference in the feeling of the heat – it feels like they are practicing yoga and HIIT pilates under the sun rather than in a stuffy muggy room!

When purchasing and installing the units Darryl was always just a phone call away and even collaborated directly with my electrician to make sure everything was running smoothly. Thank you Darryl for your impeccable customer service and product, looking forward to working with you when we open Solis Movement #2!!
Solis Movement - Etobicoke, Ontario (December, 2019)
I had these installed in my sewing and quilting studio, and it is great to have quiet, clean immediate supplemental heat. The electrician did a great job and I am LOVING them. Even though it is August, I turn them on whenever I am in the room and it makes me happy to feel the warmth. It was just the thing I needed and I am really, really pleased.
Christine R. - Port Dover, Ontario (August, 2019)
Just wanted to reach out to let you know the panel is working beautifully. Had to wait for my electrician to be back on site but was super easy install. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s great. I would definitely recommend you and your company and may repurchase when the basement gets a reno.
Suzanne V. - Scarborough, Ontario (March, 2019)
This company has been delightful to work with. From the moment I spoke with Darryl on the phone, you could tell he was interested in helping a new customer make the best decision for their own application with this great heat source… he explained everything so clearly…

My own order consisted of more than one item, one needed to be ordered so there was a wait on that, but Darryl keeps track of its journey from the factory to you. My item that was in stock arrived a few days after placing my order.

So nice to see that Real Customer service still is clearly a daily order of business here. l have tried numerous heating sources over the years this is by far the best investment l have made…
Terry T. - Stouffville, Ontario (December, 2018)
Darryl of has provided excellent service. This is a new technology that I had researched, but still had many questions. Every single question I had Darryl promptly responded, in great detail. He made me feel very comfortable about the solution I purchased. To me, it demonstrated he had a passion for this technology and was eager to share this with others.
Demetri K. - Fergus, Ontario (August, 2018)
From assessing my needs with me and seeing the order and delivery through the whole way, I’d highly recommend if you’re looking to upgrade or change up your heating solution. Infrared heat has to be the way to go!
Brad M. - Montreal, Quebec (March, 2018)
Thank you very much for being so helpful! This was just too easy :). One of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had.
Iveta M. - Chatsworth, Ontario (December, 2017)
The heat is beautiful. It feels natural and like it’s the actual sun shining on you.  You crave it after being in it for a few days, the heat is addictive.  My clients are obsessed with them. We absolutely love it.
Kuuma Yoga - Moncton, New Brunswick (September, 2017)