Prestyl USA is under new management and/or ownership and their new business model does not align with our own. After considerable thought, we’ve decided to drop the Prestyl product line in its entirety from our product offerings, effective immediately.

Edited October 25,2019: We’re sorry to report (and just been informed) by one of our customers’ that the “new” Prestyl company – “Prestyl Energy Group LLC” is NOT honouring the warranty on any panels sold by the previous company “Prestyl” that we purchased from.  How “convenient” for them.  Further reinforcement that we made the correct decision to drop their product line.

We will (of course) continue to offer Ducoterra’s world class products with an industry leading LIFETIME warranty on Ducoterra’s SolaRay far infrared radiant heating products.  We also carry our own line of SI Series glass and aluminum far infrared heating panels!

We will remain committed to our mission of providing superior heating solutions with outstanding customer service in a manner that is honest, friendly and sincere, while we move forward with being Canada’s leading far infrared radiant heating supplier.

Is it naive to feel that honesty, integrity and an excellent reputation are far more valuable than money?  We absolutely believe they are, and if that makes us naive… that’s absolutely acceptable!