Spectrum Infrared (Infraredheat.ca) is very pleased to announce the launch of our own Aluminum Far Infrared Heating Panels, marketed under our SI Series brand name. Our SI Series aluminum panels are manufactured for us by ILO Technology with their headquarters in Crémieu, France and a brand new manufacturing facility in Chicago, Illinois.

ILO is a global leader in far infrared heating technology with their unique (and proprietary) “thin film heating element” contained in both our glass and aluminum panels.

This is yet another step contributing to Spectrum Infrared solidifying its place as Canada’s leading far infrared heating solutions provider.

Our aluminum panels will be ready to ship the last week of October, 2020!

Our SI Series aluminum panels will be available in 120 volts or 240 volts and in three different sizes (and power output) –

24″ x 24″ @ 400 watts
24″ x 48″ @ 750 watts
41″ x 41″ @ 1100 watts

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When a company sells only one product (particularly when it’s their own!), it is very often only in THEIR best interest that you purchase from them, rather than in YOUR best interest. With Spectrum Infrared now offering both our SI Series infrared products AND Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared products, we will tailor our solutions to fit YOU, and not just us.

They’re not competitive products to us at all, and on the contrary this product launch provides much broader installation options and applications for our customers’ than if we offered only one product or the other. We will stand behind and represent each equally, in other words.