Home Hot Yoga Heating Sale!

With COVID causing all sorts of issues with attending hot yoga classes in public studio’s, many people are considering (or have already!) converting a room in their home or perhaps their garage into their own home-based hot yoga studio.

With a view to helping people realize this goal, Spectrum Infrared (InfraredHeat.ca) is now offering a 10% discount off our current pricing for our 4′ 750 watt Ducoterra far infrared heating panels as well as our 6′ 1000 watt far infrared heating panels, until November 30th, 2020.

A typical hot yoga studio heated with far infrared requires between 20 watts per square foot and 26 watts per square foot with an 8′ – 10′ ceiling, depending on a few factors – size of the space, insulation, geographic location (climate matters!), and a couple others.

As an example, if the room in your home that you’d like to use for hot yoga is 10′ x 10′  (100 sq. ft.), you’d need between 2,000 watts and 3,000 watts of total heating in the room.  That’s just two or three –  6′ 1000 watt panels!

We strongly suggest using one of our Hot Yoga Thermostats to go along with your hot yoga panels.  99% of all thermostats on the market only reach 30C as their highest set-point.  Ours go up to 50C!  That’s far hotter than anyone would desire, of course, but it’s important because if you’re using a thermostat that only goes up to 30C, once the temperature is reached the panels turn off.  You certainly don’t get immediately cold, but it literally feels like the sun has gone behind a cloud…and NOT the desired effect.  With our thermostats going up to 50C, we ensure that the panels remain “on” while your hot yoga session is ongoing, which IS the desired effect.  We’re also offering a 10% discount on our Hot Yoga Thermostats!

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