Our own branded hot yoga thermostat, is here! We wouldn’t put our name on just ANY thermostat, by the way…

It’s taken us considerable time to find just the “right” thermostat for hot yoga applications. 99% of all thermostats available in Canada only go up to 30C and even then, only a couple that go higher. Those that DO go higher all require a remote sensor installed as well, unfortunately.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our SI-244-P! Our own InfraredHeat.ca branded 24v Universal Programmable Thermostat…absolutely perfect for hot yoga applications. Our thermostat has a high temperature set point of 50C (122F) with no sensor required, and has a 5 year warranty! This ensures that you can always have the far infrared panels turned “on” when classes are in session, regardless what the temperature is.

This thermostat is available NOW, and in stock. Documentation will be up on our website very shortly.

Finally…a thermostat available in Canada that is IDEAL for hot yoga applications!

Stay tuned!