I contacted Darryl after visiting the infraredheat.ca website. Our project was a laneway-garage conversion.  These units produce heat that feels amazing- both radiant and far infrared. It really feels like when the sun beats on your face. At first I was unsure if I could get through the super cold days, and also I was unsure if I could achieve full hot-yoga temps in there (+35 Celsius), but I now know I can do both. Because infrared is a type of light, these units warm the floor very effectively, and I have consistent temps of 20 Celsius at the floor with the therm set at 22C / 23C. With a couple people in the room, a space that has a 12 foot cathedral ceiling and is about 20’x 12′ gets really warm in like 20 minutes. Longer if no one or nothing is in the space.

Installation was far less complex than a mini split or other systems, so the little extra I paid for this high quality product made up on the lower installation-cost. I still needed to upgrade the circuit to 20 Amp (which is not fun), upon purchase of 3rd and fourth unit. After that it was simply connecting then mounting them with toggle-bolts. They are high efficiency, and they barely work to keep the space at 20 Celsius around the clock.

The service was excellent. Darryl put a lot of effort in to inform me, as this was a heating matter way beyond my experience level. Billing, ordering etc easy and felt trustworthy. We also liked to be able to work with someone in Canada.

Robert Chuckman Psychotherapy - Toronto, Ontario (February, 2020)