the benefits of sunshine – indoors!

Welcome to! We hope you’ll learn something new, or perhaps just reinforce what you’ve already begun learning about. Either way, we’re glad you’re here, and we welcome you to the world of far infrared heating, where you’re warmed by the exact same method that sunshine warms you… only comfortably, efficiently and effectively with absolutely no harmful effects.  Far infrared “light” is good for you!

Far infrared radiant heating panels from Ducoterra LLC and Spectrum Infrared are energy efficient, healthy and cost-effective. Far infrared radiant heating panels heat objects such as floors, walls and furniture, and not the air. Because they do not heat the air… people and animals experience comfortable warmth via radiant heat. There is just no other heat source like it, with the exception of the sun itself. Far infrared heat literally feels like being in sunshine but in the comfort of your home, office or any indoor space.

Some further advantages with using far infrared radiant heating, beyond “just” the energy savings and efficiency –

If you heat a bathroom with a far infrared radiant panel, it will inhibit mold growth in the bathroom! A bathroom heated with far infrared panels will warm a tile or slate floor similar to that of having in-floor heating, but without the high installation costs and also providing much better effectiveness and efficiency than in-floor heating provides.

Far-infrared radiant heat is by far the most efficient and healthy heating method available on the market today, in its price range. Traditional gas-fired forced air and oil-burning heating systems operate through an antiquated combustion process that emit harmful pollutants and exhaust into the environment.

Our far infrared radiant heating systems operate free from harmful combustion processes; provide simple and direct radiant energy without any of the traditional heating methods’ waste and pollution.

Typical energy savings over traditional heating methods range from 15 to 50% (Depending on placement and building conditions). The far infrared heating panels are fully compatible with renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind-power.

Si Series and SolaRay far infrared radiant heating panels have NO moving parts, and are expected to last more than 30 years! They never degrade in far infrared output, and because they are not made with any ceramic elements, they operate in much colder conditions, too.

Our far infrared radiant heaters are maintenance free… for life!

Ducoterra far infrared heating panels come in a variety of sizes and power options, all are 2 feet wide, but vary from 2′ x 2′, to 2′ x 6′ and offer wattage ranging from 250 watts to 1000 watts.  Ducoterra offers an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on their SolaRay far infrared radiant heat panels!

Si Series Aluminum far infrared heating panels come in three sizes:

  • 2′ x 2′ @ 400 watts
  • 2′ x 4′ @ 800 watts
  • 41″ x 41″ @ 1100 watts

Our Si Series Glass far infrared heating panels come in four sizes:

  • 16″ x 48″ @ 500 watts
  • 24″ x 48″ @ 800 watts
  • 16″ x 72″ @ 800 watts
  • 24″ x 72″ @ 1100 watts





Far infrared radiant heating panels heat objects such as floors, walls, and furniture (not the air) which makes them a far more efficient heating system.



Typical energy savings over traditional heating methods range from 15 to 50% (depending on panel placement and building conditions).



Traditional gas-fired forced air and oil-burning heating systems operate through an antiquated combustion process that emit harmful pollutants and exhaust into the environment.



Far infrared heat literally feels like being in the sunshine but in the comfort of your home, office, or any indoor space.

It’s hard to narrow down just a few “frequently” asked questions, so we’ve noted just a few common ones below, and you’ll find a much more extensive list on our FAQ Page.

We hope our website provides a useful resource to learn more about the absolute best method of heating your space in terms of purchase costs, effectiveness and efficiency.

How does far infrared heat actually work?

Here’s a common way we use to describe what’s actually going on…

Far infrared heating (indoors) consists primarily of two parts:

Part 1) Is the immediate effect of feeling the infrared heat directly from the panel(s). Once the surface temperature of the panels reaches 90-95 degrees Celsius, they are then emitting their full far infrared, and will continue to do so until they are turned off (usually by a thermostat). This “immediate effect” is felt within about 10 minutes of turning the panels on by people and animals (because we’re water-based), which is about the time it takes the panel to warm up to 90-95 degrees. Again, this is immediately felt if you were to walk into a room heated with far infrared, or if you turned on panels and waited for them to warm up. Remember, far infrared invisible light does NOT heat the air at all, but you certainly feel the warmth!

Part 2) After time, the floor, walls, furniture etc. will warm up from the far infrared light, and in turn those objects will radiate heat (hence the name “Radiant Heat” or “Radiant Heating”) into the space, and THAT is what warms the air in the space.

  • Part 1 – Is the immediate warmth felt (directly) from the panels themselves.
  • Part 2 – Is the “radiant heat” aspect of far infrared by warming the floor, walls, objects and people and then (indirectly) the air in the space.
  • Part 2 takes considerably longer to occur than Part 1.

One thing worthy of note, you will not require the air temperature in the space to be as warm as you’d normally have it with regular convection heat, or even any other electric heat. Whenever the panels are powered on, you will feel much warmer than the air temperature indicates, and why we always recommend that our hot yoga clients’ ensure their panels are “on” during classes. If they turn off, it feels like the sun has gone behind a cloud…it’s still warm, but not “hot”!

Can I decorate the Panels myself?

Ducoterra suggests that their SolaRay panels can be painted to match your décor, provided only a high quality paint is used.  We do not recommend painting our SI Series panels.

Is there a difference in energy consumption between ceiling and wall placement?
Yes, the difference occurs because the surface of panels placed on the wall cool down more rapidly than that of ceiling-mounted panels. This is due to airflow past the panels; electricity is required to overcome these losses, hence, the panel will consume a little more energy.

Place the panel on the ceiling wherever possible for optimal heat distribution and lower energy consumption. In a radiant ceiling system, 80% of the energy is converted to Infrared, 60% for radiant wall-mounted systems and 50% for radiant in-floor systems. The dynamic efficiency of hot air systems (gas furnace and ducts) in comparison, is only around 35%.

What is the difference between Ducoterra’s SolaRay aluminum panels and Spectrum Infrared’s Si Series aluminum panels?

There are many similarities, and a few differences. Let’s look at the similarities first. Both SolaRay and Si Series panels are entirely made from 100% recyclable aluminum and are only 1/2″ thick. Both are very high quality professional grade far infrared heating panels, and you can expect decades of use from them both.

There are some notable design differences, however. Si Series panels come with a 3 – 6′ attached cord regardless of the panel voltage. In fact they can come with outlet plugs on the end of the cords as well, so they may simply be plugged in to use. Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels are designed to be hard-wired only. There is no cord attached, and therefore cannot be used as a more “portable” device.

The next largest difference is that the panels are mounted differently. SolaRay panels are designed to be mounted flush onto the ceiling surface, with no mounting brackets required. If screwed right onto the ceiling, they are very attractive and not obtrusive at all, and offer very clean lines. They are aesthetically pleasing because of the ability to be mounted “flush” onto the surface. Conversely, Si Series panels come with included mounting brackets. While the panels are also only a 1/2″ thick, they do not mount flush (by design), and will sit 1 3/4″ below the surface of the ceiling, or away from a wall. The spacing between the ceiling or wall and front of the panel is minimal, and truly hardly noticeable, but they don’t lie flat against the surface by design.

The next biggest difference is in the sizing of the panels. ALL SolaRay panels regardless of the length are 22.5″ wide with the exception of their “D” panels.  The “D” series are designed for dropped ceilings and are therefore exactly 23.75″ wide. The other Ducoterra panels don’t fit neatly into a 24″ x 48″ drop ceiling grid. Our 24″ x 48″ Si Series are now exactly 23.75″ x 47.75″, meaning they DO fit into a T-Bar ceiling.

There are also internal design and component differences that are not visual. Our Si Series utilize a proprietary “thin film heating element” to generate far infrared energy within the panels. There is no wire coil inside. Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels are made with a wire coil spanning the whole area of the panel.

Please have a look in our gallery for the notable visual differences.

The last difference is the warranty. Both brands of panels have a life expectancy of decades! SolaRay panels have a stated life expectancy of 40 years, and our Si Series panels have a life expectancy of 30+ years…so it’s pretty close!

Ducoterra offers an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty on their SolaRay panels, and Spectrum Infrared offers a 30 Year Limited Warranty on our Si Series panels.

With both brands having life expectancies of over 30 years, the warranty really becomes somewhat moot.

They are superior products, and we proudly stand behind both!

Have a great experience you would like to share? We would love to hear about it!

Kevin Ludwig
Kevin Ludwig
00:38 23 Dec 21
We purchased a 1100 watt glass infrared heater from Darryl. Darryl took the time to explain everything from shipping to... setting up the wireless thermostat and everything in between. Delivery was as described. Setting up and mounting the panel an the family room wall went smooth (just think the steps through). After the wireless thermostat was paired with the panel we were enjoying the new heat source. Although it takes time to heat the objects in the room, set the thermostat to a temperature thats comfortable for you and your family and let the panel do its thing. As Darryl mentioned "just set it and forget it". You will really enjoy the comforting heating effects on your body in no time. We loved the first one so much we purchased one for the bedroom. We highly recommend this product. If we have made you curious in even the slightest way about this product contact Darryl to answer any questions you may more
Danielle Peuramaki (Danni)
Danielle Peuramaki (Danni)
21:00 01 Dec 21
Darryl was super helpful at answering my million questions in trying to figure out if far infrared heating panels would... work in an outbuilding in Northwestern Ontario. I decided to take the plunge and ordered the panels which were promptly delivered in a week. My electrician had no problem installing them and hooking up the recommended thermostat. I love, love, love, the panels and the thermostat. I can control the temperature from my phone which is a real treat as I can turn up the heat remotely. That’s a huge bonus when it’s freezing outside. The panels are providing an even heat with no apparent cold spots and that is even with scaffolding (still under construction in there) blocking some of the rays. The panels I got are the SI Aluminium series. Highly recommended!read more
Desmond Wickman
Desmond Wickman
01:35 22 Oct 21
What an absolute pleasure dealing with InfraredHeat! Darryl is very knowledgeable and provides excellent customer... service.The website is informative, well-written and easy to navigate.Our panels arrived within a week of ordering them. Using them truly is the most comfortable, safe and economical way to heat a home. We highly recommend them!read more
Special Characters
Special Characters
21:44 18 Oct 21
Darryl was fantastic in answering my many questions and recommending a setup. When the panels arrived damaged from... shipping, new ones were sent without delay. Now that they are installed and working, I couldn't be happier with them. Truly a remarkable product and will be ordering more
Vibe Ten Studio
Vibe Ten Studio
23:05 16 Oct 21
Darryl was so helpful during the process. I had a ton of questions and he was happy to answer them all. He even took a... call from my electrician to help walk us through the installation process. When I need an extra part asap he came through and expressed shipped me one so that my studio could open on time!!!! The panels are amazing too! very sleek, easy to install, and arrived in a timely manner. Highly recommend!read more
Ronald Miles
Ronald Miles
06:05 24 Sep 21
The products sold here are of great quality. I purchased a large mirror panel to heat the treatment room of my... physiotherapy clinic. It does a great job of heating up the room without taking up valuable floor space. I have it programmed to start heating up the room early in the morning and then turn off an hour before closing time and it works like a charm. The heat that the mirror panel produces is very pleasant. I have trouble getting some of my clients to leave as they want to just stand in front of it all day! (Sometimes I am guilty of that as well.)Darryl is a great person to deal with. He was very easy to contact, quick to return messages and prompt to help us work through any issues we may have had. The service is exceptional!read more
Petra Wykpis
Petra Wykpis
15:32 16 Sep 21
After a few years of using our Solaray Far Infrared panels we decided to get more for our bedrooms. It was no question... to contact Darryl and the team again. Thank you for the great product and service!We also experienced the need to replace one of these panels and there was no question regarding the return policy. The new panel was shipped to us quickly, without more
District Yoga Collective
District Yoga Collective
22:49 25 Mar 21
If you look closely, you can see our beautiful panels reflected in the mirror. We are so happy with our purchase and... Darryl made it completely seamless - thank you!!read more
Diane Marrow
Diane Marrow
01:17 25 Mar 21
We recently purchased heating panels from Our contact was Darryl, Owner of the company. His response... to our many, many questions was undeniably the best service we have received from any company.We have been using the panels for about a month and are delighted with the performance and efficiency of the product. If you want to reduce your heating costs, we highly recommend Darryl and more
Axel Vanderwilt
Axel Vanderwilt
02:22 01 Mar 21
The ceiling panel works great. The warmth it gives has been very welcome during the recent cold weather we have been... having here in Victoria, BC and has made our kitchen my favorite place to sit and read. It has been an excellent choice and great investment. I recommend it to everyone. Darryl was helpful and answered all my questions. Great customer more
Pete DiSalvo
Pete DiSalvo
18:45 25 Feb 21
Darryl was great. He made himself available to help a rookie like me with all the details I needed to understand to... make a great purchase. The panels were super easy to install, and work great with the paired thermostat. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a home yoga more
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw
18:01 02 Feb 21
Hands down one of the top experiences working with Darryl at Infrared. We built two yoga studios and used the FAR... Infra-red panels for each. Darryl was invaluable in assisting us in getting the configuration just right. 3 years later and everything has continue to work perfectly. The panels are amazing, they heat up quickly and since we are changing the temperature several times in the day, we are delighted with how quickly they can raise or lower the heat of our hot yoga studio. The heat is a lovely dry even heat. I've been in many hot yoga studios and felt breathless or dizzy - we can crank the panels up to 104 for our power flows and although we definitely sweat, we still can breathe comfortably. Awesome product, amazing customer service, very satisfied more
Dennis Masse
Dennis Masse
14:32 20 Jan 21
Second purchase from Infrared Heat. This time an SI panel for our bathroom. Ordered late on a Friday and delivered to... my doorstep in just over a week. Art work is great and love the extra heat it provides. Planning my next renovation to include several more more
Brodie Cameron
Brodie Cameron
21:36 10 Dec 20
We ordered the ducoterra panels for the main floor of our home to replace a gas furnace. Darryl’s customer service went... above and beyond. There were some minor shipping delays due to the pandemic and issues from the US, but this was not Darryl’s fault. Overall, we are quite satisfied with the panels. They look terrific and blend in seamlessly on the ceiling. We are still experimenting with the most comfortable temp settings. At times some rooms can feel slightly too warm or cold, but for the most part the rooms are comfortable. As other reviewers mentioned, the radiant heat feels nice. For people curious about the panels, you won’t always feel heat radiating from the panels. It depends on the room air temp, thermostat setting, etc. which is fine. It’s hard to compare the cost of running the panels to the gas furnace because we spend much more time at home during these pandemic days, but without crunching the numbers I’d guess it’s pretty close in cost. Possibly slightly more expensive, but I am happy to pay a little more to get off the gas. There is sometimes a slight crackling sound from a couple panels, but it doesn’t bother us. I emailed the manufacturer and they quickly responded assuring us this sometimes happens and provided a solution for us if it started to bug us. I recommend this product if it is in your budget. Thanks Darryl for all your more
Nikki Davis
Nikki Davis
22:18 09 Dec 20
I love my infrared ceiling panels and towel rack! The heat is so nice and cozy with no noise. It was exactly what I was... looking for. Service was excellent. Darryl was available for any and all questions. Delivery was timely and he followed up to make sure everything worked more
Dan Gray
Dan Gray
04:55 05 Dec 20
Panels work very well absolutely no regrets on my purchase, Darryl was very easy to deal with and was very informative.... I will definitely be buying more panels in the future!!!read more
Joanna Loney
Joanna Loney
18:56 01 Dec 20
I received excellent customer service with delivery and set up of my mirror glass panel. It’s a beautiful heat, and... once the panel is paired with the thermostat, there are easy to use temperature controls. I like that I can revert to different programs, or set to a standard temperature. I’ve heard negative feedback about the China made heat panels. I’m happy I purchased this better quality product!read more
Cindy Rae Rutherford
Cindy Rae Rutherford
02:15 11 Nov 20
Knowledgable on Infrared panels, helps you select proper product for your application. Supports you and your... electrician/contractor from start to finish and after service is as attentive as first contact. He sincerely cares about his clients' satisfaction throughout the more
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