Far Infrared Heating: Providing The Benefits Of Sunshine...Indoors!

Far infrared heating panels from Prestyl USA are energy efficient, healthy and cost-effective. Far infrared heating panels heat objects such as floors, walls and furniture, and not the air. Because they do not heat the air... people and animals experience soothing warmth via radiant heat.

Prestyl’s infrared products are based on a highly efficient and reliable French thin-film technology that has already been in use for over 18 years in aircraft, ships, trains, homes, offices and public buildings.

What many people don’t realize is that for many years, Prestyl USA has been pioneering “Zero Emissions Far Infrared Heating Technology”. Prestyl systems convert 100% of the consumed energy into heat-energy; the vast majority is converted into energy-efficient, healthy, radiant energy.

Far-infrared radiant heat is by far the most efficient and healthy heating method available on the market today. Traditional gas-fired forced air and oil-burning heating systems operate through an antiquated combustion process that emit harmful pollutants and exhaust into the environment.

Prestyl’s Far-infrared heating systems operate free from harmful combustion processes; provide simple and direct radiant energy without any of the traditional heating methods’ waste and pollution.

Typical energy savings over traditional heating methods range from 15 to 50% (Depending on placement and building conditions). The far infrared heating panels are fully compatible with renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind-power. These lightweight and versatile heaters are fully portable and can be fully operational in only minutes. Installation can be as easy as hanging a picture.

Prestyl far infrared heating panels have NO moving parts, and are expected to last 30+ years. They never degrade in far infrared output, and because they are not made with any ceramic elements, they operate in much colder conditions, too.

These panels are great for lease or rental applications because you can take your investment with you. Simply unplug and go. Far infrared heating panels are perfect for Tiny Homes and off the grid applications, too. Prestyl USA far infrared radiant heaters are maintenance free... for life!

Prestyl USA far infrared heating panels come in a few different models - Ceiling and/or Wall mounted, and Under Desk. All models feature white panels, however the wall mounted versions can also come in decorative selections. Solid black panels are available upon request, at the same cost as the standard white panels.

You may choose from Prestyl's vast Decorative panel collection, or... you can even have your own image used! (additional costs will apply). This is perfect if you have a favourite image, or even a company logo.

Each panel includes mounting brackets, for easy mounting.